Stores track your phone

Use of mobile phone technology has been extended to many other tasks just than talking to a person from far away in real time. Now your mobile phones are being tracked for important information related to you and your location through GPS services. Have you ever noticed how you get offers and discount on interesting stuff? Why is the offer sent to you different from that of the other person? How did a retailer know whenever you are around the store? Why do the coupons that you received are similar to something that is appealing to you?

This is all about analysis, a little bit of psychological and behavior judgment. Surprisingly, you are being judged all the time without getting informed. All happens because your phone is continuously tracked by the clever algorithm that a retailer or store owner uses to track you and judge or predict your behavior. So, how shops and stores use your phone?

1) Know your location:


For sure your location can be easily tracked through your phone. Whenever your phone is connected to the Internet, your location is tracked by the retailer or shopkeeper and he is informed if you are hanging around. As you are found near the store or shop, your phone starts to receive the offers and discount alerts for about your favorite stuff.

2) Keep information about you:

Retailers track your phone to keep information about you. Like what stuff you did buy last time? what stuff are you buying this time? and on which aisle of the store you spend most of your time. Many stores offer free WiFi inside the store which is apparently an amazing service by the store owner but the reality is pretty different. Actually, whenever you connect your phone with free Wi-Fi that is available in a store or a mall; your location inside the store is tracked which helps the retailer in knowing the items you gazed at and the items you actually bought.


3) Analyze the behavior:

Meeting the exact needs of your consumer is the key to success in retail business. Many stores and shops use the smart software in order to make predictions or analysis about upcoming events in the customer’s life by monitoring the behavior of customer inside the store. Such software uses information from a person’s social media accounts, geolocation, shopping cart items and facial expressions as well. For example, if a man buys fruits and energy drinks and he is also visiting physical fitness books aisle then the software may conclude that the person is a regular member of a fitness center or wishes to go to a gym or the person is health and fitness conscious. Therefore, the coupons and discount for that person are offered on health and fitness products online.

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