How it works?

Cell phone tracking is a process that is performed in order to obtain the precise location of a phone on the earth. GPS (Global Positioning System) is used in cell phone tracking which is a technology owned by the United States Government.

What is GPS?

GPS is a system that can locate a device anywhere on the earth with 5m precision and some devices can be located with 3m precision. Global Position System project was launched in 1973 in order to overcome the limitations of the previous Positioning System which was extensively used by the Royal British Army during the World War II. The basic aim of making GPS was to provide a robust positioning system for United States Intelligence Agencies. However, later on, the United States Government decided to make GPS available for civil use in 1983 when a Korean Airline flight entered into the Soviet airspace and was shot down resulting in the death of 269 innocent passengers. Now as GPS is available to the public for use, therefore, it has become an essential element of global information infrastructure just like the internet. Today GPS is used by almost every device from cell phones, wristwatches, technology gadgets, robots, automobile cars and every global business such as shipping and aviation authorities, courier and delivery services and ATM’s.

How phone tracking process technically works?

A cell phone device uses two types of networks, one is the cellular network that uses network towers and SIM card, the second network is the internet. Each of these networks can use GPS system in order to locate or track your mobile phone. Smartphones can be tracked using a spying or tracking application as well.

A cellular company can track your phone whenever your phone is connected with one of the network towers of the company. And our phone remains in the connection with network tower 24/7. Whenever our phone changes the location, it continuously searches for the network tower in that region and connects with it by recording a ‘ping’ on the nearest tower. Tower records all the information about a device that was used in the connection. Such information includes phone’s manufacturer, phone’s id, connection time and disconnection time. Now when a company wants to track your phone it simply looks for the tower with which phone is currently connected (through GPS or company’s local system) and other towers in the range of your phone through GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications). The cell network based tracking lacks precision because it is the tower’s location which is tracked not exactly the location of the phone. Therefore, this type of the tracking can give you an approximation about the region in which the phone is currently operating.

The second way of tracking phone is through Wi-Fi based or headset based GPS. Whenever the phone is connected to the internet through Wi-Fi or mobile data, its location is exposed along all the details about the phone. Some phone tracking applications are also extensively used in order to use GPS service for phone tracking. Some headset manufacturers embed GPS tracking hardware and software applications in their phones. Some phone tracking applications can track your SMS, social media messages, call logs, location, installed applications and even local files as well with certain permissions. An example of such applications is MSpy. Whenever your phone appears online with GPS application, the GPS uses 31 satellites that are in an orbit with the capability to communicate with your phone and track its most precise location.

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