Best GPS Tracking For Cars

GPS has been one of the greatest technologies ever discovered. In the beginning, GPS was especially used by United States Intelligence and Department of Defense. By the introduction of GPS to the general public, use of GPS has exponentially increased. Almost every new system that is available today, is using GPS somehow.

Aviation authorities, Railways, Automobile Industry and Law enforcement agencies heavily rely on GPS and its services. Due to its precision, GPS trackers are started to get embedded in vehicles like cars, trucks, and buses to provide a user with reliable information being on the road. To track a car through GPS, an application software is needed to be installed on your phone in order to check the location of your car. Such software can also be accessed from web browsers (Through web-based tracking applications) and desktop computers. Such software is also known as fleet management software.

Fleet Maintenance Pro:

Fleet Maintenance Pro is a tracking software that provides multiple tracking and management features in a single application. By using Fleet Maintenance Pro, you can track multiple fleet assets such as cars, trucks and trailers and construction machinery. Its fuel tracking feature helps you economically by keeping track of fuel history. Its additional features include preventive maintenance, parts inventory tracking, and repair maintenance. It is one-time licensing software which means that you only need to buy it for one time (no annual charges).



GeoTab is a vehicle tracking software that allows you to manage all your fleet and vehicles from one platform. One of the sole features of GeoTab is that it extracts complex data from tracking history and provides you with a meaningful information in the form of graphs, reports, and charts. It is available in 7 different languages that makes it a diverse software. It focuses on the ease of use that’s why it has made simple rule-based features selection with ON and OFF selections. Productivity, Safety, and Optimization is the focus of GeoTab. Some other features of GeoTab are Engine Health and Maintenance report, Accurate Engine Data reporting, GPS Vehicle tracking, Route Optimizer and Open data integration.

Titan GPS:

A reliable GPS tracking software that focuses on safe and productive fleet management. Titan GPS allows you to easily track your vehicles, fleet, and equipment. Its features include robust and powerful mapping dashboard with Google Maps, Road view, Satellite view and Traffic view for instant visibility of your vehicle or fleet. Live tracking system makes you able to track your vehicle’s live movement for improved efficiency and productivity. It also allows you to track your vehicle’s history along with other features like Real-time alerts, Driver Coaching, Driver ID and Driver Behavior Analysis system.

Plug N Track GPS:

Comes up with a simple way of tracking your vehicles and fleet in real time from a single application. It is a powerful vehicle tracking system which is engineered to provide professional vehicle tracking and fleet management. PlugNTrack GPS is easy to use with user-friendly user dashboard for mapping, monitoring and managing your vehicles. You can track your vehicle’s live movement on google maps through Plug N Track GPS. You receive real-time alerts, Maintenance alerts and reports with analysis on your fingertips.

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