Best GPS Apps

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a system of orbiting satellites that are connected with each other in order to send the precise details of the location in space with respect to the earth. These precise details are received by GPS navigator or simply GPS navigation device in the form of signals that runs an algorithm to decode these signals to track its exact location.

GPS project was launched and developed by United State Department of Defense for US Military and still heavily used by US Armed forces and Intelligence Services. In the beginning, it consisted of a network of 24 satellites. Today GPS has total 33 satellites in its network. GPS is publicly available nowadays and every person who owns a GPS device or GPS receiver can use GPS.

Best GPS Applications:

As GPS is publicly available, everyone can use it. The popularity of GPS is due to its precision which is 5 meters anywhere on the planet earth. Such reliability has made GPS popular among Aviation Authorities, Shipping companies, Railway Systems, Disaster risk management agencies, Transport companies and vehicle drivers. Some best Android and iOS GPS applications are described below:

Sygic Navigation:

Sygic is a world-class GPS navigation with the trust of more than 200 million drivers from all around the world. Sygic has been declared top#2 app in Navigation category worldwide. It makes your phone a high-quality GPS navigator with voice-guided navigation. It provides downloaded maps as well for offline navigation. Its features include Lane guidance system, Voice-guided direction, Alternative route, Speed limit, Parking assistant and Traffic view. These features can be obtained by purchasing lifetime license from Sygic. It is available on both Google Play(Android) and iTunes Store (Apple iOS).

Google Maps:

Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation applications developed by world’s leading tech company Google. Google maps service offers many valuable GPS navigation services for free. These services include Street View, 360o Panorama View, Life Traffic updates, Directions, Fastest route service and Business location finder services with ratings and reviews as well. It is available on both iTunes and Google Play.


MotionX is another popular mobile application available for the Apple platform’s iPhone and iPad. MotionX’s popularity is due to its dynamic app with consistent updates about traffic and routes. Its cool feature is channel based navigation which is that users on the same channel can track each other. Moreover, you can broadcast your location and analyze the traffic.

BackCountry Navigator:

It is a wonderful application specially developed for hikers. This application is pretty expensive but provides best features with multiple maps options and offline topographical maps availability. You can record your favorite spots as well as mark dangerous areas. In short BackCountry navigator is your travel partner that keep you safe and engaged on your journey even where the data connection is not available.


MapQuest is indeed one of the best GPS applications. Most of the features are available for free on both iPhone and Android. MapQuest keeps you updated with traffic and road information and informs you about cheaper gas on the road. Its innovative feature brings you the information about the best hotels on the route, best route and turn-by-turn directions that makes it a complete package for a journey.

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